44% Off Western Digital My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive

Use this portable hard drive’s ample storage space to back up your computer’s important files or transfer data from one device to the next.

Back Up Your Computer
Whether it’s your song collection or precious family photos, it’s easy to keep all your computer files safe with this hard drive. The device comes equipped with WD SmartWare Pro backup software that’ll automatically start the transfer process once you plug it in. You can use the software to transfer everything to the drive itself or to save to the cloud.

Speedy Data Transfers
Transfer faster with USB 3.0 A USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port transfers files to and from your computer at more than 10 times the speed of USB 2.0, which is especially helpful when you have a gigantic project. If your computer uses USB 2.0, the port can still move bits and bytes with no sweat at 2.0 speeds, thanks to its backwards compatibility.

Encrypt Your Files
Keep busybodies at bay with this device’s encryption option, which requires users to enter a password before seeing files.